Avoid the common mistakes on your radiology billing services

Documentation is one of the rules, associated with medical billing process. While there is no documentation, nothing can be done. It is especially applicable for the clinical centers, offering diagnostic imaging services. For instance, in case of radiology, the issue of reimbursement depends on the accurate coding and documentation. While you have hired Radiology Billing Companies, you will be able to avoid mistakes that hold up the reimbursement for services.
No documentation of the views-
While it is a knee test, there are various CPT codes on the basis of the related views and their type. When your staffs have not tracked the accurate views for every test, the final report has to specify everything that has been done. The professional coders of Radiology Billing Companies will be able to pick the right codes. It would be best when your radiologists have presented the details, like lateral or AP.

Elimination of the relevant elements from the radiology report-
All the reports on imaging process have to show the information on-
Name of the test
Its thorough description
Reason behind the test
Comparative studies
Signature of the physician
While you have omitted any of the above elements, you will have delay in getting the reimbursements. The amount of reimbursements may also get reduced.
No documentations of the nuclear medication
PET test and nuclear drugs won’t include radiopharmaceuticals. The hospitals or other imaging centers have to bill for these pharmaceuticals separately. You have to document the radiopharmaceuticals’ amount and type to apply the right codes.
There are lots of other things to be learned to have higher reimbursement from radiology service. Radiology Billing Companies will simplify all the tasks for you, and you will enjoy better revenue. For more information find here.